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Secure vehicle communication


Vehicular communications (VC) and inter-vehicular communications (IVC) bring the promise of improved road safety and optimised road traffic through co-operative systems applications. A prerequisite for the successful deployment of vehicular communications is to make them secure.

The specific operational environment (moving vehicles, sporadic connectivity, etc.) makes the problem very novel and challenging. Because of the challenges, a research and development roadmap is needed. We consider SEVECOM to be the first phase of a longer term undertaking. In this first phase, we aim to define a consistent and future-proof solution to the problem of VC/IVC security.

SEVECOM will focus on communications specific to road traffic. This includes messages related to traffic information, anonymous safety-related messages, and liability-related messages. The following work is foreseen:
1) Identification of the variety of threats
2) Specification of an architecture and of security mechanisms. The following topics will be fully addressed:
- Key and identity management
- Secure communication protocols, including secure routing
- Tamper proof device and decision on crypto-system
- Privacy. The following topics will be investigated in preparation of further work:
- Intrusion Detection
- Data consistency
- Secure positioning
- Secure user interface.
3) The definition of cryptographic primitives which take into account the specific operational environment.

The overall approach is the following:
- Take into account existing results available
- Work in close liaison with new IST eSafety projects
- Take into account on-going standardisation
- Integrate SEVECOM mechanisms into an use case development which is based on the VC and IVC infrastructure used by eSafety projects
- Investigate the necessary conditions for deployment.

The project will work in close liaison with the Car-2-Car consortium. It will also establish strong connections with related efforts in the world.

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