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Mobile system for non-invasive wound state monitoring


The treatment of critically ill patients suffering from burns, chronic skin ulcers or serious wounds, is often complicated by infection of the wounds. Early detection of bacterial and/or fungal infections is a well identified problem in healthcare, where there are significant scientific and technical problems to be overcome.

WOUNDMONITOR aims to combine a laboratory-based sensor module, pattern recognition subsystem and non-invasive sampling of volatiles emitted from such wounds into highly intelligent system that allows the rapid processing of these samples and is capable to assist early and rapid diagnosis of changes in state of a patient, and aid decision making by medical personnel in the treatment of such patients.
The main purposes of WOUNDMONITOR are:
- Adaptation of the electronic nose technology to wearable personalised monitoring system capable of early detection and identification of the wound clinical infection.
- Definition of the relationship between the gas sensor outputs and the microbiological data and medical information on the tissue and person levels. Integration of the available information into a snapshot of the state of the patient's health.
- Combination of several gas sensor types in an integral sensor module.
- Implementing methods for the dynamic data recording and analysis in the electronic nose technology and adapting of the recognition algorithms to automate diagnosis.
- Development of prototype system based on electronic nose technology.

The WOUNDMONITOR partnership will involve cooperation between seven partners from four countries each contributing an indispensable role in a multidisciplinary project. The research centres are represented by three universities, the industrial input by two companies, and two hospitals that are essential for the clinical input and practical tests required for the project.

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