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Vital assistance for the elderly


The objective of the VITAL project will be to develop a set of technologies, platforms and applications with the aim to provide remote assistance to elderly users. The VITAL insight presents a new concept of remote assistance that differs from traditional schemes in the sense that it is concerned not only with elementary subsistence needs but also with the aim to significantly increase the quality of life of the average elderly user.

VITAL will intend to put in practice, inside an integrated environment, the concept of Total Assistance; understood as assistance anytime, anywhere, using any terminal and for any type of service. Using existing infrastructures and domestic terminals, VITAL is designed to deliver advice, assistance, information, education, entertainment and inter-personal communication to the users. VITAL will offer a platform for services that can be used before and after retirement so that the users will be able to perform at any time in their already familiar environment by selecting at every moment the services that suit them best without the need to change the vehicle for those services; services that will evolve in time with the user and may range from alarms and supervision to leisure, education and intelligent information.

VITAL key innovations will require research work in three basic fields: advanced user interfaces over readily available domestic terminals that are specifically designed for the elderly (i.e. TV and mobiles), intelligent systems able to offer personalized information and services in an active way and speech understanding technologies with the aim to provide natural speech dialogue with the machine and automatic summarizing capabilities. For this purpose, VITAL will address several state of the art research topics in the IST today: anywhere / anytime computing, intelligent agents technology, true personalization, active systems, natural speech processing, mobile and iTV applications, location sensing, advanced video services.

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