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Cyber-Infrastructure for civil protection operative procedures


The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) concept was endorsed by the EU Commission in 2001 with the aim of "establishing by 2008 a European capacity for Global Monitoring of Environment and Security". The challenge for GMES is to design innovative value-added services to enable decision makers to better anticipate or mitigate crisis situations and management issues related to the environment and security. The Final Report for the GMES Initial Period recognised the European Civil Protection (CP) as one of the GMES service categories.

This report outlines the importance to develop e-infrastructures to serve GMES applications. Indeed, the EU EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-Science in Europe) project provides a powerful platform to support specific application Communities. However, GRID evolution has mainly focused on technology, while, GMES services have mostly been user-oriented. Thus, there is a need of cross-disseminating requirements and visions of the diverse Communities. CYCLOPS brings together GMES and GRID Communities, focusing on the operative sector of European CP. The main objectives of CYCLOPS are:

1) To disseminate EGEE results to the CP Community, assessing EGEE infrastructure for CP applications. Activities will include training, workshops.
2) To provide the EGEE Community with knowledge and requirements characterizing CP services.
3) To evaluate the possibility to utilise the present EGEE services for CP applications, developing the research strategies to enhance EGEE platform.
4) To develop the research strategies to enhance EGEE platform, especially for Earth Sciences resources.

CYCLOPS will contribute to the EU policy developments establishing synergies with other existing projects and initiatives dealing with GMES, GRID and complementary sectors, among them: PREVIEW, Risk EOS, RISK-AWARE, BOSS4GMES, EGEE Networking Activities and Application Support, e-IRG and INSPIRE.

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