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Remote instrumentation in next-generation grids


There are numerous areas of science, industry and commerce that require broad international cooperation for their success. A number of problems may be addresses by using sophisticated equipment and a top-level expertise, which is often locally unavailable. Therefore, the development and spreading of techniques and technologies that allow virtualised, remote and shared access to industrial or scientific instruments is essential progress of the society.

The possibility of using scientific or industrial equipment independent of their physical location helps in the equalization and the unification of communities and subsequently opens new opportunities for industry, science and business. Furthermore, it has a very important political and strategic impact, as we head towards a more unified Europe. The systematic identification of instruments and corresponding user communities, the definition of their requirements as well as the careful analysis of the remote instrumentation synergy with next-generation high-speed communications networks and grid infrastructure will be the base for the definition of recommendations for designing the next-generation Remote Instrumentation Services.

The project results will be spread out among scientific, industrial and business groups of users to increase the awareness of benefits from using next-generation Remote Instrumentation Systems, which are essential for the equalizing access to the European e-Infrastructure opportunities. All the objectives of this project will be achieved through close collaboration of EU member states and third countries to ensure Europe's strong participation in the research initiatives conducted at the international level.

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