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Network-centric Middleware for group communications and resource sharing across heterogeneous embedded systems


The increasing ubiquity of embedded systems has been matched by the evolution of a spectrum of wireless network standards and technologies. What has yet to be realised is a comprehensive unification of these fields that fully extend their combined potential to organisations and end users. Through an innovative middleware platform, MORE will produce a definitive incorporation of embedded systems and networks that will enable pioneering applications in civil and commercial settings. As well as enhancing person-to-person interaction via embedded middleware between the major wireless standards, MORE will implement new technology to facilitate communication and distributed intelligence across groups of users.

MORE will address the problem of how the interaction between humans and embedded systems can be efficiently supported by developing a system that can be tailored to the specific needs of diverse organisations. Central to the project will be the design of a middleware that hides the complexity of the underlying heterogeneity of embedded systems through providing simplified APIs and management mechanisms for the future operators of these systems.

Key research concepts are:
- hierarchical communication role models and scalable concepts for secure management of groups of humans and embedded devices
- distributed negotiation protocols for discovery and management of group members - platform-independent clients for real-time group communication
- embedded web services for outsourcing tasks to a more capable system level
- low-effort system administration incorporating over-the-air client reconfiguration mechanisms.

MORE will leverage results of related European projects in the design of MORE middleware (e.g. High Integrity JAva). The planned project validation of the MORE middleware by future operators will demonstrate the ease with which target organisations can put a usable and reliable system of networked embedded devices into operation using MORE middleware.

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