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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Enabling access to sound archives through integration, enrichment and retrieval


Many digital sound archives suffer from tremendous problems concerning access. Sound materials are often held separately from other materials and media, they cannot easily be listened to or browsed, and there is no way to search the content. Existing systems which attempt to deal with these issues are often library or content specific, of limited functionality, or difficult to use.

Extending over two and a half years, the EASIER project will enable enhanced access to sound archives by providing multiple methods of retrieval, integration with other media archives, content enrichment and enhanced access tools. It offers methods of searching content based on audio features, musical features, or speech content. EASIER also supports cross-media retrieval, enabling access to other media besides just audio. It implements recent advances in machine learning, music and speech processing, and information retrieval. Furthermore, it addresses a growing demand for interactive electronic materials.

EASIER allows archived materials to be accessed in different ways and at different levels. The system will be designed with libraries, museums, broadcast archives, and music schools and archives in mind. However, the tools may be used by anyone interested in accessing archived material; amateur or professional, regardless of the material involved. It enriches the access experience as well, since it enables the user to experiment with the materials in exciting new ways.

EASIER will provide a unique, friendly interactive experience, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to increase the effectiveness of sound archive access. The EASIER project benefits from the wealth of user needs studies in this area. This allows the work to be reactive; the tools that are developed through EASIER are in direct response to user demands.

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