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The goal of InterLink is to support coordination actions that will enable the European research community to interact with research communities outside Europe in a series of strategic, basic research areas, related to Information Society Technologies (IST). Thematic areas have been carefully selected based on the need to address the evolution of the Information Society in the next 10-15 years and include (1) software intensive systems and new computing paradigms, (2) ambient computing and communication environments and (3) intelligent and cognitive systems. These areas are closely related to a number of strategic research areas as well as to a number of ongoing proactive initiatives funded by FET in FP6.

The main aims of InterLink are:
1. To identify and address world-scale, basic research problems where significant added value is expected to be gained from world-wide cooperation.
2. To establish communication and cooperation mechanisms within and beyond Europe in order to support the formation and functioning of related scientific communities.
3. To identify complementarities in the selected areas among EU countries and other involved countries that can give rise to knowledge and technology exchange.
4. To define joint research agendas, in terms of research priorities, road-mapping activities and joint RTD initiatives.

The project is based on three Working Groups that will consist of international teams of researchers with proven expertise in their fields. Advanced communication tools will be provided aiming at a global networking of research communities. Several workshops will be organized to foster the RTD dialogue, promote the interactions within each Thematic Area and build technology roadmaps at an international scale. The ambitious goals of InterLink will be promoted through a number of selected channels and targeted dissemination and promotion activities.

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