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Delivering Inclusive Access for Disabled or Elderly Members of the community


The goal of DIADEM is to provide an adaptable web browser interface, to enable people who suffer a reduction in cognitive skills to remain active and independent members of society both at work and at home. This will be achieved by developing an Expert System which, monitors the user, adapting and personalising the computer interface to enable people to interact more effectively with web based forms. This system will be located on the users PC and will ensure that the many services available over the internet are open and accessible to as many people as possible, whilst providing privacy and security. Service providers only need to use the Web Services standard and provide some meta-data.

Many web based forms require the user to navigate through complex dialogues and form filling to request a service or place an order. Such services in their current form are inaccessible to many of those people DIADEM is aiming to assist. To achieve its goal DIADEM will undertake basic research into the technological features, strategies and personalisation techniques that will serve this group's needs. In addition the system will be tested by designing and developing appropriate ES software and hardware, and undertaking trials with several applications. The final deliverable for DIADEM will be assistive interface technology backed by sound research and consideration of the relevant ethical and operational issues in its deployment.

In summary DIADEM will:
1. Create software components that can add to existing services with an intelligent, supportive, and personalised User Interface.
2. Perform research to select the most effective technology features and strategies.
3. Produce a trial system and demonstrate proof of concept.
4. Identify, and where necessary extend, relevant standards.
5. Develop hardware layouts for places where several users share one access point.
6. Establish guide-lines and working practices for deploying the technology

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