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Electronic Risk Management Architecture for small-medium communities


ERMA aims to build a reference platform for risk management (natural /man-made disasters) with a specific focus on needs of small and medium-sized communities. This might be public bodies as well as private sector organisations with share obligations and duties for risk prevention and response. Hence, specific attention will be devoted to a customisable platform, tailored to the need for the individual risk at hand.

The current state of risk management can be characterised by the availability of many information sources. The question arises of how to draw conclusions from existing sources for the purpose of task planning, i.e.
- how to assess the risk level for a specific event
-how to govern the processes in collaborative way
-how to advise effected people, be they professional rescue forces or citizens.

ERMA strives to employ this information in combination with existing technology in order to provide risk assessment and communicate services in particular to the citizens before, during and after incidents.

In detail, ERMA will assist small and medium-sized communities to:
- Access monitored data related to various natural and industrial risks existing within their district
- Define and employ process guidelines for risk management, i.e. support proper processes for risk analysis and response
- Deploy and manage their adapted emergency telecommunications systems and implement a public com. system devoted to the information of their fellow citizens
- Manage all the elements (org./technical) related to the implementation of a risk management network at a local scale

ERMA will provide a platform for the exchange of information for the assessment of risks and for the response towards related bodies in case of a hazardous event. The system will be build upon a risk assessment platform, a process management component for the support of operational processes, and a collaboration platform for the exchange of information among systems and stakeholders.

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