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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Coordinating European efforts for promoting the European RFID value chain


RFID (radio frequency identification) technology has become a key ICT technology. While in traditional RFID market segments as security and public transportation further growth will decelerate, a boom is expected in the asset tracking segment which is today pushed forward by logistics applications. Despite Europe's strong position in RFID applications and technologies there is still a lack in the European approach in formulating and enforcing RFID standards especially the harmonisation of frequencies and the standardisation of the communication protocols and data formats.

Being the main driving force in RFID application and technology as well as due to their large domestic market, the USA are to be considered as decisive for RFID developments and the definition of the basic infrastructure of the future RFID infrastructures, in particular the EPC network. In order to improve the conditions of competition for RFID technology and its further development in Europe and to reinforce the political environment of RFID at European level leading European RFID users and vendors have agreed to work together in the proposed Co-ordination Action CE RFID.

The initiative is aiming at:
- setting-up a sustainable network of RFID technology providers, vendors and users,
- coordinating the various activities of European industry and research institutions in the field of RFID,
- elaborating suggestions for an effective harmonisation of RFID related frequencies and data standards,
- providing recommendations for a European RTD policy on RFID, and
- supporting the European Commission to increase political awareness and intensify activities for the enhancement of new technologies.

From these activities it is expected to strengthen the RFID value chain in Europe and to reinforce the position of European RFID vendors and RFID users as first-rate players in the most promising RFID market.

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