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Mainstreaming on ambient intelligence


Many Europeans are at risk of being excluded from the Information Society and its benefits. Two large and growing groups in this position are the elderly, who may have some reduced physical or mental function, and persons with disabilities. Age is one of the main factors behind the gap in the use of information and communication technologies. With the demographic changes, the demand in care of elderly and disabled is forecast to increase over the coming years.

Previous European projects have shown that technological augmentation of the living space can help alleviate the problems of daily living, increase quality of life and reduce the need for institutional and other care. The proposed project builds on these results and aims to move such services from the laboratory and small scale demonstrators to the status of mainstream technology.

We focus on:
1. capitalizing on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) technologies to ensure that the services can be used without behavioural change
2. building on top of mainstream devices and services such as TV based internet, nomadic devices, etc.
3. doing initial experimentation in Feasibility and Usability centres and subsequent large-scale validation in Validation centres in five countries
4. addressing economic viability and long term sustainability of such services in large communities in different Member States

MonAMI will select bouquets of services in the areas of comfort applications, communication/information, health, safety and security. It will build, test and deploy these services and demonstrate that they can be economically brought through the future mainstream ambient intelligence technologies.

MonAMI will focus on services, platforms and usability: The technology platform will be derived from mainstream technology. Usability requirements will be identified, an evaluation methodology will be selected and usability analyses will be carried out.

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