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Routing in Next Generation


The goal of RiNG is to support the coordination, study and analysis of routing protocols on the Internet and to determine and understand the challenges ahead, considering the current and future expected Internet growth, leading to proposals for novel approaches towards the evolution of routing.

Towards this end the project comprises an expert group, which will be open to the participation of other experts by means of meetings and other collaboration means, leading to a broader community "think tank" on the topic, forming a kind of "Routing Cluster", including not only experts from other relevant IST projects, but also other international related activities.

The project will analyze and keep track of the state of the art in standardization and policy, survey the users and service providers, and propose further alternative related research and innovation strategies to address the challenges.

By means of the different activities, the project will seek to foster, increase and support European participation in the related pre-standardization, standardization and policy process, dissemination of the results and monitor those developments.

The project proposed research and innovation strategies, most probably, will require further standardization and policy-making, so the project will need to find a community consensus, for the development and implementation of the project results (by means external to the project).

Consequently, the project objectives are:
1. Coordinate a community "think tank" on routing aspects (Routing Cluster).
2. Surveying both ISP and user (site) requirements for routing in the next generation of networks.
3. Analyze the related state of the art in standardization and policy versus the user/ISP perceived requirements.
4. Development of research and innovation strategies for inter-domain routing evolution.
5. Disseminate the project and related results, including the relevant standardization and policy activities.

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