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Functionalized Colloidal Capsules


The project Functionalised Colloidal Capsules (FCC) has two goals:
1) development of a universal methodology for modification of colloidal substrates (polyelectrolyte capsules) with two (several) (bio-) macromolecular functionalities providing control of their ratio and uniform distribution;
2) development of a new approach for manufacturing asymmetrically (north-south) functionalised colloidal particles (polyelectrolyte capsules).

The methodology developed within the 1st goal will result in manufacturing prototypes of biocompatible colloidal drug carriers with increased circulation period and better targeting efficiency for future pharmaceutical applications. One of the functionalities on the surface of a drug carrier will be responsible for hindering non-specific interactions with proteins and cells of the immune system, while the other one will provide recognition of a targeted tissue.

The problem of proper control on the ratio of the two types of the (bio-) macromolecular functionalities will be solved via their preliminary coupling to a common anchoring unit (backbone) resulting in the architecture of (mixed) graft-copolymers. The approach for manufacturing asymmetrically (north-south) functionalised colloidal particles (polyelectrolyte capsules) comprises preliminary protection of one semi-sphere of the particles by reversible adsorption to an oppositely charged polyelectrolyte brush.

The open surface of the partially protected colloidal particles will be modified by adsorption of graft-copolymers synthesized within the 1st goal. The non-modified area on the particles will be modified (if necessary) with another kind of graft-copolymer or linear polyelectrolyte after release of the particles back to the solution.

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