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The main objective of ISTOK.Ru is to identify constituencies and potentialities for deeper strategic cooperation with Russia, a country that the bi-cultural ISTOK.Ru' team considers as strategic partner for a successful multi-dimensional project. The ISTOK.Ru project intends to screen and analyze common needs and opportunities by the rank mapping of all Russian ICT technologies relevant to co-operation and the cross-comparison with European ICT taxonomy. A building of a consultancy network opened to Scientifics, researchers, experts, industrials, and policy makers will support a constructive dialogue with ICT actors both in Russia and in the European Union, that will be a "source" of new ideas, concepts and technologies allowing to maximize the knowledge in the field of ICT collaboration and to concretize the basis for the formulation of a global EU strategy for further initiative.

The proposed work plan condensed in 3 Work Packages ensures strict project monitoring and guarantees its usefulness by the development of an Internet-based open consultancy community of 2,000 relevant references, involving experts in ICT domain in the process of technologies' screening , and the organization of five awareness raising events in Europe and Russia in order to increase the visibility of the project's results and encourage additional funding to ensure the sustainability of the project. Taking full advantage of current trends in research cooperation thinking, ISTOK.Ru is the impetus for future European international cooperation.

ISTOK.Ru is thus a flexible response to unforeseen cooperation policy needs and a great opportunity to build a bridge between Russian and European ICT research to match common challenges and resources. It is a strong support tool coupled with developing policies of the other EC DGs, aiming to identify Russian needs to built a common field for future cooperation initiatives.

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