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Scanning the potentialities for future ICT research collaboration between China and the European Union


SPICE will create a solid basis for future EU-China collaboration in information and communication technology (ICT) research by identifying and analysing potential topics and areas of research cooperation and initiatives between China and the European Union. The analysis and outcomes of SPICE will allow the European Commission (EC) to create targeted initiatives in thematic sub-areas of ICT.

SPICE will identify common needs and opportunities for cooperative R&D based on strengths and clusters within ICT. SPICE will map competences and potentials of Chinese research organisations in the most promising regions / provinces through a consultation process based on workshops and data analyses. Also, representatives of European ICT companies that are already active in ICT research in China will contribute to this analysis using targeted interviews. Large events and conferences (e.g. the China High-Tech Fair) will inform Chinese organisations about the opportunities for ICT research collaboration in Europe and will support the collection of information through forums and workshops. Based on these findings SPICE will report "China-EU constituencies and potentialities for deeper strategic cooperation" to the stakeholders.

SPICE will also analyse for the EC the hurdles, barriers, and cornerstones that need to be addressed before European players engage in R&D collaborations with China. The project will present contacts with highly valuable partners in China to European actors. SPICE will further the participation of Chinese companies, universities and research centres in ICT research projects with European partners. It will lay the foundation for future funding of cooperation projects within FP7 by elaborating a strategy that is fit to the needs and aims of Chinese organisations. As a side effect, this project will improve the visibility of research initiatives and strengths of Chinese regions to a wider audience in Europe.

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