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Strengthening the strategic cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan region in the field of ICT Research


SCORE is a Specific Support Action that addresses the need for well-defined future research priorities that will enhance scientific and research co-operation between the Western Balkan region and the EU. SCORE addresses specifically the thematic area of Information Communication Technologies (ICT), which corresponds to one of the nine thematic areas of the FP7's "Co-operation" Programme.

Addressing the above need, the objectives of SCORE are to:
a. Develop a Strategic ICT Research Agenda for the Western Balkan region that will define the region's ICT research priorities following a broad consultation with affected stakeholders (e.g. national RTD policy-makers, research actors including academic, not-for-profit and private sector research organisations, and ICT companies).
b. Develop a Policy Paper with "Recommendations for shaping EU scientific co-operation with the Western Balkan Region in the field of ICT research: 2007-2013". The policy paper will contribute to the shaping of the FP7's Co-operation programme.
c. Transfer EU research results and technologies in the identified ICT research priorities / thematic areas in order to familiarise Western Balkan research actors with current research developments and state-of-art technologies in these areas.
d. Facilitate the development of networks between research actors within the Western Balkan region and between the region and the EU in order to develop contacts, exchange ideas and pursue joint research collaboration.

The SCORE consortium represents all countries in the Western Balkan region (Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia). The project's key results i.e. the Strategic ICT Research Agenda and the Policy Paper will be delivered within the first 15 months of the project, in order to allow their timely contribution to the shaping of the FP7 programme and future calls. The project's total duration is 24 months.

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