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Broadband to rural America over satellite integrated links


BRASIL is a Specific Support Action where the main objectives are focused on important aspects of interactive applications via satellite in Latin America, with specific focus on Brazil, and on DVB-RCS. BRASIL thus targets SO 2.6.5/1 but also covers objectives of SO 2.6.5/2. A main objective of BRASIL is to identify constituencies and potentialities for deeper strategic cooperation and establish privileged partnerships opening opportunities for the joint development of DVB technologies and associated interactive applications and services. Brasil has a large focus on bridging the digital divide through government initiatives, and satellites will play a key role in meeting this objective. Technical focus as such should demonstrate a sufficient level of maturity with respect to previous actions related to international cooperation.

The target region for BRASIL is Latin America in general, but specifically supporting European interactive satellite broadcast communications technologies such as DVB-RCS in Brazil. Latin America has been strongly influenced and dominated by US technologies. There is a significant potential for Europe to contribute to solving Latin American communication needs with European technology as well as a valuable benefit for Latin America.

Reciprocally there is great benefit for European DVB-RCS industry from Latin-American initiatives that can stimulate the developing European market and help the industry struggling with the slow service roll-out. SME cooperation between Europe and Latin-America in the field of satellite communication is an important element of deeper strategic cooperation, recognizing that the majority of Brazilian companies (98%) are SMEs. Europe's DVB-RCS equipment market is currently driven by almost solely by SMEs. BRASIL will be fostering small networks with technical and service expertise in DVB-RCS across the two continents.

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