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Sensing and ACTION to support mobility in ambient assisted living


The SENSACTION-AAL project offers the opportunity for a significant advancement of the state-of-the-art in the field of ambulatory assisting devices for enhancing safety and security in balance and movement. The ultimate goal of the project is to assist older people in maintaining independent mobility and daily life activities and prevent injuries by introducing smart body fixed sensor based technology that allow medical professionals to initiate interventions in the home environment.

To achieve this goal, the SENSACTION-AAL project will design, test and release a next-generation, smart, wireless on-body system which enables:
(1) monitoring of activities of daily living and
(2) simultaneous real-time active control of physical performance using principles such as sensory augmentation and biofeedback.

This system is equipped with both biosensors and bioactuators in-the-loop. The SENSACTION-AAL architecture will introduce new ICT solutions that make the proposed system: 1) easy-to-wear and easy-to-use; 2) active anywhere, anytime; 3) cost effective.

SENSACTION-AAL will develop an ICT-based solution which is highly usable and can support the elderly people in their preferred environment. The key challenge is to develop an integrated system that brings together the different components involved (network cells; communication protocols; embedded real-time algorithms for actuator control; signal processing algorithms; data warehousing, web-based data access). An extended in-vivo accurate validation carried out with the support of end-users will be required to assess the satisfaction of key user requirements and produce a solution which is adequate for industrial take-up.

Ultimately, this project could have important influences on the quality of life of European citizens. These new systems will empower persons with disabilities and aging citizens to play a major role in society and will help them to augment their autonomy and realize their potential.

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