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Application Experiment in Construction with Object-oriented methods


ECO aims at evaluating the French object-oriented development technology from SOFTEAM on the development of a target application which is of great importance for the construction sector: it supports the management of performance based tenders ('Appels d'offres performanciels'). ECO will cover the life cycle stages from requirements analysis with CLASSE-RELATION to coding in C++ up to integration, and finally includes field tests. The experiment aims at assessing the impact throughout the entire life cycle on productivity, costs. respect of deadlines and product quality. It will also investigate possible benefits on reduction of maintenance costs, the ability to make the system evolve and should be instructive on the issue of management of reusable software components for the construction domain .

Dissemination of the information within CETE and more largely the French Construction sector will be given highest priority and is one of the priority objectives of the Ministère du Logement et de l'Equipement. Through a supervision process, ECO users will multiply their learning about the opportunities and limits of the SOFTEAM technology and more generally object-oriented approaches.

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