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SUstainable Management in EXtractive industries


Technical specification for the SUMEX Tool-kit

Technical specifications of the SUMEX Toolkit will contain descriptions of all required functionalities specifications of user groups and types of interactions and actions respective management processes

Synthesis report of training & peer learning efforts

summarises major outcomes of 3L actions and their impact on training peer learning and community of practice building efforts

Yearly policy briefs on SUMEX activities

Key findings of the SUMEX project stateoftheart gaps good practices etc will be summarised in regular reports dedicated and tailored to specific target group with the purpose to inform and educate

Complementary capacity building material

Complementary capacity building material in addition to the webinars

Summary of Kick-off workshop

Summarise and contextualise key outputs from conference with relevance for the project.

Analytical Framework

contains the main categories and items that are used in the analysis and applied in the following tasks of WP3 and for the metaanalysis in WP2

European SD framework

Description of an SD framework for extractive industries in Europe, considering the SDGs, the European Green Deal and other relevant frameworks.

Clustering workshops: Lessons learned and key takeaways

Compilation of snapshots highlighting the problems addressed in the workshops potential or actual solutions and recommended good practices

Sketch notes: Summary report of peer-learning workshops

for 4 regional peerlearning workshops and 1 peerlearning workshop bringing all macroregions together Northern macroregion

SUMEX SD criteria

Compilation of how the sustainability assessmentcriteria are manifested in the relevant processes ie assessing socioeconomic and environmental impacts landuse planning health and safety issues reporting and permitting processes across all stages of the extractive life cycle

Manual for good practice and training

outlines features of the final version 40 containing good practice and training knowledge repository general transferability recommendations and 3L action results

Toolkit Learners & Leaders League (3-L) approach

This report describes the composition of the Leagues Members learners and leaders engagement processes with members and their respective roles

Draft Report policy analysis

includes the results of the analysis performed in T32 and T33 and the meta research based on WP2

Policy analysis report

Policy analysis report in the form of at least 1 academic journal paper presenting the synthesized results from WP3 building on D32 and including the additional results generated in T34 and thus bridging the earlier identified gaps

Inventory of relevant extractives projects

Inventory of relevant extractives projects in Europe addressing socioeconomic and environmental impacts land use planning health safety reporting and permitting including the results of the mapping and prescreening for good practises

Summary report of diffusion workshop

Summarise and contextualise key outputs from conference with relevance for the project

Data management plan

This deliverable specifies data handling during the project and after its end The data management plan will ensure that all data is collected in the correct format is organized well and annotated in a good manner The contribution to the EC Raw Materials Information System RMIS will be covered by this document as well

Project identity, stylebook and communication strategy

This deliverable will define the common graphical image/identity (CGI) with the focus of a uniform project appearance concerning logo, colour scheme, document templates (reports, deliverables, presentations, posters, handouts). The design, fonts, colours and instructions where and how to use them will be summarised in the stylebook. The communication strategy will identify the networks and dissemination routes to be used.

Project webpage and social media representation

Functional website, social network channels (FB, Twitter, ResearchGate) and LinkedIn subpage.

Recorded SUMEX Webinars and videos

covering the projects 5 focus areas and AV videos

Yearly press-releases, media kits and project fact-sheets

at least 5 pressreleases 2 media kits and 3 factsheets one for each stakeholder group politicians peers and general public

Open Research Data Pilot

Participation of SUMEX in the Open Research Data Pilot


Understanding the sustainability of extractive industries: The case of the Boliden Area, Sweden

Author(s): Dyca, B., Carsjens, G.J., Gugerell, K., Tost, M.
Published in: 2023
Publisher: International Conference Mineral Deposit Safeguarding as a Basis for Mineral Raw Materials Safety

The SUMEX Project - A European Vision onSustainable Mining

Author(s): Michael Tost, Andreas Endl, Stefanie Streit, Pavlos Tyrologou, Katharina Gugerell
Published in: Proceedings of the 26th World Mining Congress (WMC 2023), 2023, ISBN 978-0-646-87565-1
Publisher: World Mining Congress

Nachhaltiger Bergbau 2050 - Sustainable Mineral Extraction 2050

Author(s): Tost Michael, Streit Stefanie, Endl Andreas & Gugerell Katharina
Published in: BHM Berg- und Hüttenmännisches Monatshefte, Issue 167, 2022, Page(s) pp. 151-157, ISSN 1613-7531
Publisher: Springer
DOI: 10.1007/s00501-022-01214-6

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