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The power of diversity and social inclusion as a mean for reducing air pollution and achieving green urban nexus in climate neutral cities

Project description

New models towards cultural-driven green cities

The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the relationship between air-polluted areas and health and well-being. It also revealed the social inequalities in cities. In this context, the EU-funded DivAirCity project will shift the urban paradigm by valuing human diversity as an important resource. By focussing on the nexus between people, places and peace, the project will define new models towards cultural-driven green cities. Through citizen science and creativity, it will co-design solutions and trace their impact in a transparent and safe way. Involving five cities across Europe, DivAirCity will be run by a consortium of 26 EU organisations working with 68 partners from around the world to deliver more inclusive, healthy and equal cities.


DivAirCity “recognizes, accepts and celebratesDivAirCity is an ambitious project that aims at shifting the urban paradigm by valuing human diversity (with a focus on gender and multiculturalism) as a resource to define new urban services and models towards cultural-driven green cities. The project focuses on the Urban nexus that combines people, places, peace, economic growth, climate robustness and its impact on Air quality and decarbonization. DivAirCity, through citizen science and creativity will co-design solutions and trace their impact in a transparent and safe way.

The project involves 5 EU cities representing replicable case studies: Orvieto (IT), Castellon (SP), Potsdam (D), Aarhus (DK) and Bucharest (RO). DivAirCity aims at creating different solutions: 5 Permanent Living Labs (PLL), 1 Diversity and Inclusion green city index (DIGCI), 5 Smart Cities Climate contracts (SCCo), 1 Community of Practice (CoP), 5 air pollution mitigation services, and 1 EU protocol for decarbonization diagnosis. The PLLs will implement NBS by leveraging over 55 mio budget already allocated by the cities; the DIGCI aims at assessing diversity and decarbonisation strategies; the SCCos will be delivered by co-designing new business models supported by blockchain technologies; the CoP will include the full urban ecosystem; and the air pollution new services have the ambition to enter in the market.

DivAirCity presents a project beyond EU borders with an ambitious international dissemination strategy beyond Europe by the involvement of Belmont Forum CRAs, key international networks and H2020 funded projects. The consortium represents a mix of stakeholders selected out of the usual only research-focused organizations, to provide a real route-to-market, with the ambition to bring the project outcomes on the market by the end of the project. DivAirCity visibility will be enhanced by the participation of the Belgian National TV (RTBF) and its associated European and Global channels.

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