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Cooperative Robots for Extreme Environments


Final Report & Evaluation

Report summarizing the objectives approach and outcome of the project including an evaluation of the field tests and a gap analysis of robotic capabilities

Dissemination&Communication Plan

Initial version of a document outlining the planned measures for dissemination and communication of project objectives, approach and results, with a special focus on the activities planned for the high visibility space analogue mission and the terrestrial demonstration.

Terrestrial Exploitation Plan

Report that defines the usecase for the exploitation of the CoRobX ADRES in the mining industry and reviews the functional requirements for robots in the mining demonstration

Full Case Study for Terrestrial Impact

Report that describes the setup of the terrestrial demonstator including technical specifications objectives and goals of the demonstrator and the demonstration acitivities

Test Plan & Schedule

Report describing the final test plan and schedule for the integrated systems lab tests and the analogue mission and terrestrial demonstrator Builds on D32 and supports D63

Interface Control Documentation - public

Report providing a detailed technical specification of the interfaces between the individual SW components

Test Results & Demonstration Report

Report on the results of the testing and verification of the CoRobX ADRES in the analogue mission as well as the terrestrial demonstrator

SoA Planetary Exploitation Report - public

Report on the current StateoftheArt in the use of robotics for the exploration of extraterrestrial celestrial bodies

Dissemination & Communication Plan

Updated and final version of D102

User Guidelines - public

Document describing the SW components developed in WP5 specifications interfaces how to use and integrate within the framework of the SRC building blocks

Scenario Definition Document

Report defining and analogue mission and a terrestrial demonstrator suitable to test and demonstrate the CoRob-X concept.

SoA Terrestrial Technologies & Capabilities Report - public

Report on the current Stateoftheart in the use of robotics for terrestrial applications with a focus on the mining industry

Interim Demonstration Definition Document

Report that describes the tests to which the CoRobX technologies will be subjected both during the space analogue mission and the terrestrial demonstrator as well as the preliminary testing activities simulation tests lab test local outdoor tests during the implementation phase Updated version of D11

Preliminary Risk Assessment

Report documenting the results of a preliminary assessment of organizational and technical risks.

CoRob-X Website & Social Media

Publicly accessible website and social media channels to document and communicate the progress of the project to the general public.

Mission Video

Highquality video for public distribution summarizing the CoRobX objectives and approach and documenting the analogue mission

Dissemination Materials

Printed media to document and communicate the progress of the project to the general public.


COROB-X: A Cooperative robot team for the exploration of lunar skylights

Auteurs: Alexander Dettmann; Thomas Voegele; Jorge Ocon; Iulia Dragomir; Shashank Govindaraj; Matteo De Benedetti; Valerie Ciarletti; Rafik Hassen-Khodja; Thierry Germa; Raphael Viards; Gonzalo J. Paz-Delgado; Laura M. Mantoani
Publié dans: Numéro 1, 2022
Éditeur: European Space Agency
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7805218

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