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MObiLIty sERvices Enhanced by GALILEO & Blockchain


Data Management Plan

Document that describes the data MOLIERE expects to acquire or generate during the course of the project how the consortium will manage describe analyse and store those data and what mechanisms the consortium will use at the end of the project to share and preserve data stored in the Mobility Data Marketplace MDM as MOLIERE will take part in the Pilot on Open Research Data this deliverable will evolve during the lifetime of the project in order to present the status of the projects reflections on data management

Dissemination & Communication Strategy

Overall strategy for maximizing outreach and effectively reaching out to target audiences

GNSS & Blockchain integration

Zoom into how EGNSS will be leveraged into the Mobility Data Marketplace MDM and compendium of mobilityrelated use cases

Ethics & Regulatory aspects

Ethical and regulatory aspects pertaining to the following use cases 1 Data aggregation the use of DLT and privacy implications in such context 2 Payment transactions based on geopositioning EU regulatory aspects relating to the use of geopositioning data 3 Insurance purposes EU regulatory aspects relating to the use of driver data for the insurance premium purposes and accident investigations

Market and socioeconomic analysis on MaaS & GALILEO geo-positioned applications for mobility (preliminary)

Market prospects and socioeconomic analysis of a MaaS platform including an open decentralized mobility data layer the Mobility Data Marketplace MDM and compendium of applications with GALILEOsourced geopositioning data

MOLIERE Architecture & Components Description and Integration

Technical design of the MaaS platform and the Mobility Data Marketplace MDM

Communication materials, project website & social networks

Dissemination channels tools to measure impact number of visits number of subscribers to the newsletter etc

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