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EU-India Innovation Center


Summary of collaborations with European conferences and other initiatives

The report will present collaborations with European projects European initiatives and programmes including joint initiatives participation in events and contribute to the visibility of other opportunities provided by EC

Selection criteria and selection handbook

Process and criteria used to select the most relevant programme participants

Catalogue of key stakeholders and ecosystem players per priority verticals

Priority sector analysis with an overview of challenges that can be addressed by technologies developed in Europe through their adaptation to the Indian market The document will include an analysis of the sector attractiveness and potential mapping of key innovators potential clients and main stakeholders

First open call report

Overview of numbers verticals profiles of applicants and selected participants

Summary of internationalization bootcamp events and impact

The document will provide an overview of events including key topics of interest assessment of participant feedback as well as details of events and attendee profiles An updated version will be submitted at the end of the project summarizing results and lessons learned

Stakeholder network overview

Progress report on the size of the network created including an overview of key players involved and their roles

First immersion programme report

The document will summarize feedback from startups and stakeholders reflecting on the quality and quantity of the delivered immersion services The information will be used to inform and shape upcoming internationalization bootcamps training and immersion programs

First training report

The training report will provide an outline of topics covered and structure of the training as well as key questions and issues that companies face This information will be analysed to prepare for future training

Data management plan

The report will set out data management principles to he followed throughout the project including details of the data management officer appointed and templates for informed consent and GDPR provisions

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