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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies united for Lightweight


Mapping of regional priorities, policies and support mechanisms

Partners will collect and map information about regional policies in the fields of innovation SME support innovation policy instruments etc the results of that mapping process as well as of the meetings with the policy representatives will be presented in that deliverable

Educational curriculum and planning

The document describes the topics which are included in the educational curriculum for SMEs the curriculum will include technological as well as business development aspects

Dissemination and exploitation strategy

document which presents the objectives implementation actions of the project consortium for a efficient communication and dissemination of the project objectives and outcomes towards the European community interested in advanced materials advanced manufacturing and lightweighting by making use of targetgroup oriented media channels and events

First report on dissemination and exploitation activities

The efficiency of the developed and implemented dissemination activities will be reviewed in an intermediary report halfway of the project runtime It will be provided in a report

Industrial challenges - first report

The deliverable reports the results and the process of the definition and validation of industrial challenges in the targeted fields of lightweight materials and sectors prior to the first open call These challenges build the basis for the thematic open calls which will be kickedoff in the matchmaking events linked to call 1

Project brand, website and marketing basics

the WPleader provides the concept and guidelines for the project partners with the unique project brand identity logo and project marketing basics project folders flyers rollps commercial video which were developed by a professional design firm

Regulations of grants and call announcement and Guide for Applicants - Open Call 1

Dedicated set of documents of the announcement of the call and guide for applicants that will be published in the customised FBAparticipant portal It includes the rules and procedures of the the thematic calls and SME participation

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