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Cross-border and Cross-sectoral collaboration to support SMEs and the development of innovative products, processes or services for Green Offshore Production and Transport


GreenOffshoreTech Call for Proposal documents

Document with final Call text and Annexes for publication and opening of the Call for Proposals T31

Regional challenges and RIS3 priorities to be addressed

Document on Regional challenges and RIS3 priorities to be addressed T51

First Report on Communication and Dissemination activities

Report on planned and completed communication and dissemination activities sum up of T61 T62

Framework for Delivery of Business Support Services to winner SMEs

Document summarising all services to be delivered to winner SMEs for the Call documents in T31 T41

Communication Plan

Document on planned communication activities T61

Topic description for the Call of Proposals

Document describing the Topics for the Call of Proposals to be implemented in the Call documents T13

Challenges, needs and trends of four industrial offshore sectors

Document mapping commonsectoralSMEsregional challenges needs and trends of offshore sectors T11

Communication Pack and Guide

First communication materials ie logo brochure etc and guidance how to use it T61

Project Website & Social Media launch

Website and Social Media for promoting the GreenOffshoreTech project with periodically updates T61

Launch of the GreenOffshoreTech Collaborative Virtual Environment

A Collaboration Virtual Environment to enable virtual meeting, virtual brokerage events, webinars. (T2.2).

Launch of the GreenOffshoreTech Cluster Collaboration Platform

IT platform to manage the Call for Proposal process and the monitoring of the winner SMEs Projects plus a tool for Virtual Matchmaking T24

Survey tool and form for analysing challenges/needs/offers of companies and clusters

Survey tool for analysing challenges/needs/offers of companies and clusters (T2.3).

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