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Opportunities and education in networked innovation for new graduates with PhDs using open online resources


OPENING DOORS Online Learning Resource

Based on the content of the OOC and with input from the evaluation an online resource for postgraduate scholars will be developed The resource is intended to be used by PhD students as input to their selfgoverned work Also the resource is designed with materials that supervisors can use in their supervision and that organisersteachers can implement in PhD courses The resource will be openly available to all touse and embed in other settings

Support Tool for Supervisors

What this resource looks like will depend on the needs identified in WP 2 The team at UCD with support from their Teaching Learning centre and educational technologist will develop this resource and it will be disseminated by all It may for example include a short video student and supervisor testimonials and key reading resources There will be a short evaluation of the tool following use using a survey money questionnaire

Report describing the finalised course curriculum and proposed online delivery format

Following input from the External Industry Advisory committee at the Insight Centre for Data analytics and nonacademic stakeholders in the Czech Republic the course curriculum and online delivery format will be finalised and written up in a report

Requirements gathering survey for PhD supervisors

In order to understand the attitudes and requirements of this group of people in this regard a short survey will be designed to be distributed across the OPENING DOORS university network which will inform the design of a freely available time efficient training tool for supervisors and mentors to support PhD students in their transferrable skills learning for career development

Policy Brief

A policy brief outlining recommendations and findings arising out of the OPENING DOORS project will be delivered alongside the progress reporting due in M17

Guidelines for Skills Analysis

Guidelines will be created for the analysis of skills needs of employers who are involved in open innovation networks ie governmentbased institutions universities commercial entities and nonforprofit organisations who hire PhD graduates and PhD graduate who work in these networks These guidelines will also encompass identification of innovative PhD programs with significant presence of Open Science elements The investigators will oversee the skill analysis in their respective countries according to the guidelines leading to mutually comparable results

Profiles of PhD graduates to guide curriculum co-design

Profiles of PhD Graduates will be created who are equipped with open science and innovation skills that will guide the codesign process of the educational intervention and will be used as a resource in the career counselling aspect of the OPENING DOORS open online course

Report presenting the career development of students who completed the OPENING DOORS course

OPENING DOORS will will qualitatively track the process of career development andmanagement of OOC Learners to see if and how they have applied the tools they used during the OPENING DOORS online course Short semistructured skype interviews with all participants will be conducted 2 and 4 months after they undertake the course A report presenting the career development of students who completed the OPENING DOORS courses will be compiled during the final month of the project This report will include information on their experiences of networking and dissemination with students from the CHAMELEONS project

Paper prepared for submission to open access peer reviewed journal on skills intelligence for open innovation

Following the skills analysis to determine what skills are valued in current and future PhD graduates by employers and what skills PhD graduates value in their contribution to the open innovation network the results of this research will be published in an open access publication The question of gender difference in attitudes behaviours and perceived value of skills in open innovation networks will form part of this research

OPENING DOORS student evaluation report

The OPENING DOORS evaluation framework is embedded in the course and consists of thefollowing elements a before the course identifying expectations and perceived needs through a written guided reflection there will also be semistructured qualitative interviews using Bennetts Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity b during the course analysis of individual and collaborative notes final individual assignment on a revision of perceived needs c immediately after the course questionnaire for all participants plus invitation to individual followup interviews d 2 months after the course followup questionnaire semistructured interviews with students from different backgrounds e CV analysis undertaken at this time precourse CV compared to 2month postcourse CV f evaluation also integrates with early career tracking followup A report on the outcome of this evaluation framework will be compiled and delivered in the final month of the project

Report describing the first draft of course curriculum and proposed online delivery format

Following the course curriculum codesign day a report describing the first draft the course curriculum and proposed online delivery format will be produced and presented toto the External Industry Advisory Committee at the SFI Insight Centre for Data Analytics Irelands largest research centre 100 million in government funding for review This is an international committee made up of Industry leaders who provide support to the Centres universityindustry development The guiding question behind this task will beIs this PhD course a fitforpurpose training in open innovation Similarly a check will be carried out with other nonacademic stakeholders in the Czech Republic The curriculum will then be revised according to the outcomes of this exercise

Evidence of active online presence

User names and links to OPENING DOORS social media profiles and online activities will be provided and these will provide evidence of quantity of followers posts online media articles and online presence of the OPENING DOORS programme

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