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Labs for prototyping future Mobility Data sharing cloud solutions


State of the art on Mobility and Transport data protection technologies

This document will provide an updated state-of-the-art review of the protection technologies. It will provide some guidance on the future developments in the project. Related task: T2.2.

Use cases definition (v1)

This document will define the use cases and associated requirements that will later adressed in the Living Lab instances. Related task: T2.6

Dissemination Report

This report will define the dissemination plan for the project. It will identify and describe the target groups for dissemination activities and explain how and through which dissemination channels they will be reached. It will describe the main dissemination tools to be developed within the project and will identify project milestones which will be particularly important to link outreach activities to. Related tasks: T6.1 and T6.2

Report on enabling technologies for Transport Cloud

This document will provide and outlook on promising enabling technologies for Mobility and Transport data sharing. Related task: T2.4

State of the art on Mobility Data sharing standards

This document will provide an updated state-of-the-art review on existing standards. This will provide guidance for the developments in the project and identify gaps to solve. Related task: T2.3.

Data Management Plan (1st issue)

The Data Management Plan will define all the procedures to handle the data collected or generated and how it will be processed and preserved. Related task: T1.4