CORDIS - EU research results

Advanced Light materials for sustainable Electrical Vehicles by Integration of eco-design and circular economy Strategies


Dissemination and Communication Plan

Preliminary Dissemination and Communication Plan to be followed along the project duration This deliverable refers to task 71

Eco-design guidelines and results

The report will present the developed methodology and the scoring results of the LEVIS demonstrators illustrated in Radar charts This deliverable refers to task 12

LEVIS Implementation Quality Guidelines

The LEVIS Implementation Quality Guidelines will show how quality aspects are taken into account in all processes and activities within the LEVIS project as the interrelated quality processes planning assurance and control will have impact on the project work from its start to its end It will include aspects such as Quality Planning that refers to quality policies like meeting deliverable or publication policies Quality Assurance that involves the establishment of Interim Management Reports clear responsibilities and regular clearly guided telephone conferences and a welldefined internal review process further supports the Quality Assurance of deliverables and Quality Control that focuses on feedback through internal review process

Initial LCA Results of LEVIS Demonstrators

A LCA report will be produced for each demonstrator addressing the environmental impact assessment and interpretation of LCA results against the benchmark scenarios This deliverable refers to task 61

LEVIS Management Handbook

The Project Management will describe internal technical and administrative management procedures of the LEVIS project consortium in terms of project execution administrative management management structures communication and collaboration

Technology Watch Report

Results on the technology watch performed in Task 74 will be gathered by SEZ in a public report This deliverable refers to task 74

Public website

Public website will be available for launch in M6 This deliverable refers to task 72

Initial Data Management Plan

This report will include all data management issues related to the project implementation It will be submitted initially in M6 and reviewed at the end of the project This deliverable refers to task 76

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