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modUlaR and flexible solutions for urBAN-sIzed Zero-Emissions last-mile Delivery and services vehicles


Multi-layer EMS architecture and interfaces

This deliverable will report on the detailed architecture agreed interface and functionalities of the Multilayer EMS at system vehicle and fleet level Moreover the development and integration process of the multilayer EMS into the virtual tool in the deliverable D31 will be also reported

Observatory: summary of first insights collected

First compilation of a series of insights in the form of small publications or periodic project newsletters offering an overview of recent market developments related to URBANIZED developments including relevant news projects reports case studies and publications from outside the project

Website, project identity and Dissemination Strategy with KPIs

Definition of URBANIZED dissemination strategy for the whole project duration including specific targets and KPIs to be achieved at project milestones Project identity definition including project image visual communication materials and the design and implementation of the official project website

Mission profiles, KPIs, assessment plan, List of vehicle requirements, design specifications and shared interfaces

In this deliverable for comparing the baseline scenarios with the developed technologies in this project relevant mission profiles KPIs with the accompanying assessment plan will be delivered Moreover agreement on required and available data will be also reported to be used in other WPs

Data management plan

In the DMP the template for data management and collection is introduced

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