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futuRE moBility vALues ANd CulturE


The REBALANCE Mobility Culture and Value Framework

This report will present the REBALANCE overall theoretical framework of values that contribute to shape peoples mobility mindsets and influence their behaviour and transport choices the mobility cultures The framework will consider the results of the generative dialogue with highlevel experts to review shared European values and needs post CV19 and will constitute the backbone for further analysis of mobility culture aspects

The role of communication in shaping European mobility culture

The report will present the analysis carried out in task 34 on how different forms of media social media and institutional communication have over time conveyed and presented mobility concepts and the way mobility values arechanneled to citizens

Alternative narratives for the future of transport in Europe

The report will present the results of task 42 on the alternative scenarios identified in consultation with experts and stakeholders They will be represented using visuals and storylines

Critical analysis on current travel patterns and emerging mobility values

This report summarizes the analysis of the stateoftheart on the definition of Europewide mobility values travellers value proposition of mobility across different transport modes Moreover it provides insights on changing concept of mobility values including the results of the dialogue with the experts Included in the report controversial questions deriving from literature and analysis will be identified to be discussed and weighted in further steps in the project

Current Values behind the politics of Mobility: Critical Review 

This report will summarise the review carried out in task 33 of the evolution of policygoals and policyaims in European political documents and regulations and their relations with the public interest of transport and mobility policies in Europe

Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation plan

The plan will define the projects deliberative processes dissemination and exploitation resources and activities its target groups and the best practices for disseminating its outputs to stakeholders and the public at large It will then set out how this will achieved ie what communication channels website social media events conferences and scientific publications and products leaflets posters publications stories multimedia resources will be used to accomplish these objectives

Multi-sectorial trends and drivers shaping the future of European transport

The report will showcase the results of task 41 in an easy to read way presenting the key factors that might influence the future of the European transport system

New Mobility Cultures and Policies Hub- online platform

The Hub will be an interactive and knowledgesharing platform in English It will be a useful resource for partner organizations stakeholders the media and the public at large It will publicize the projects aims and objectives and will showcase the results as they become available It will also be used to promote and host the projects online events and will establish synergies with other WPs

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