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Designing useR centric E-kickscooters & business models for Enhancing interModality


LCA and end-of life report

Output of Task 41LCA and endof life report on KS with a progressive elaboration where the output of one step becomes input of the other step to refine the analysis till the level of detail desired Successfailure indicatorsreport of LCA and end of life available on time

Hub motor design (nature: report, CAD files)

Output of Task 22Development of the 350W gearless hub motor with below 21 kg mass and over 92 peak and 85 cycle energy efficiency Innovative mixed multiphase TFM design will be developed to the stage suitable for real world environment testing Special materials and new manufacturing technologies to be used in this motorSuccessfailure indicatorsdesign completed on time

Market study

Output of Task 51Characterization and assessment of the European market for the solutions developed within DREEM as a key prerequisite for business modelling and scalability The study will mainly focus on Italy Sweden and Belgium where the three demosites are located The study will integrate an analysis on Competition analysis missionrange electric bikesscooterskickscooters Business environment of considered marketsEconomic context Market quantification and trends on the mobility sector with a focus on micromobility Mapping of existing regulatory framework policy instruments and the relevant stakeholders behind them at EU and national and local level Stakeholder analysis at local level Social analysis habits and behavior relation to Successfailure indicatorsmarket study completed on time as per above requirements

CE BM simulation and application

Output of Task 43CE BM simulation and application with a progressive elaboration where the output of one step becomes input of the other step to refine the analysis till the level of detail desired M18Successfailure indicatorsreport of CE BM and end of life available on time

Hub motor prototypes (nature: prototypes)

Output of Task 22Prototype preparation and pilot production of up to 40 pieces The motor will be accompanied by offtheshelf power electronic HW with minor adjustments for the specific hub motor requirementsSuccessfailure indicatorsprototype ready on time for pilots

DREEM e-kickscooter 1st release

As output of Task 21Definitions of all component design and their features together with technical partners Among these features there are foldability modular battery 3 wheels and inwheel motor and helmet The development will include also the electronic control module that will include the HMI human machine interface battery management systems and innovative connection with rear safety sensors such camera or radarSuccessfailure indicator first design completed

DREEM APP - 1st release

Output of Task 24Using the WP2 tasks learning an initial DREEM App mockup will be developed and it will be shared with partners involved in the DREEM Ks codesign and development The mockup will be revised to crosscheck that the needs are met and reflecting their feedback before the 1st pilot starts Following the agile programming methodology Punch will develop the B2C DREEM APP and the backend platform available on both IOSAndroid systemsSuccessfailure indicatorsfirst APP release issued on time and based on the first received feedback

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