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Enabling greasy mixed plastics recycling


Owing to their combination of unrivaled properties and low cost, plastics are the workhorse material of the modern economy. While delivering many benefits, the current plastics economy has drawbacks that are becoming more apparent by the day. The primary problem is the high material waste rate and poor closed-loop recycling in plastics manufacturing. Today, just 14% of plastics are used for recycling. To cope this problem, the European Commission has tried to implement increasingly stringent regulations, such as reducing landfilling or incineration, by increasing the taxes for waste disposal and promoting recycling. Nevertheless, the current inefficient recycling technologies make plastics recycled uncompetitive as raw material for many plastics converters. At TUSTI BV (Eindhoven, Netherlands) we have solved one of the great technical challenges for the recycling of greasy mixed plastics by developing (and patenting) an innovative washing process, based on bio-based cleaning liquids. These cleaning liquids entail many advantages, such as being bio-based and biodegradable (avoiding the creating of additional waste streams) and working at roomt T (saving 60% of energy consumtion vs current cleaning processes, and avoiding thermal degradation of the plastics). This innovative proprietary washing process uniquely positions TUSTI for the recycling of greasy mixed plastics. EGREMPLARE is an innovative, patented, recycling process that makes it possible to obtain high grade resins, applicable for packaging manufacturing and civil & construction engineering, from the currently disposed (mainly to landfills) greasy mixed plastics fraction.

Field of science

  • /engineering and technology/civil engineering/construction engineering
  • /engineering and technology/environmental engineering/waste management/waste treatment processes/recycling

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SME-2b - SME Instrument (grant only and blended finance)


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