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Mimbox - Greywater optimisation and microplastic mitigation for washing machines

Project description

Novel filter to catch microplastics with every wash

Here’s something to think about on laundry day: the washing of synthetic clothing is the main source of primary microplastics in the oceans. Even one synthetic garment in a load of laundry can release thousands of microfibres. The EU-funded MIMBOX project has figured out a way to keep microplastics from reaching the waterways. Using self-cleaning filtering technology, it has developed the first ever add-on device that can connect to any type of washing machine to capture microplastics. What is more, the MIMBOX device cuts water consumption by up to 70 % by cleaning and recycling the greywater, in addition to reducing the energy consumed for water heating by up to 30 %.

Call for proposal

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Holtermansgatan 1 B
411 29 Gothenburg
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 1 850 625