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5G Application & Services experimentation and certification Platform

Project description

A supportive operational toolkit for a smooth 5G transition

The testing and validation of technologies achieved in 5G by integrators and vertical service providers have become paramount as 5G reaches a very high maturity stage. Verticals, such as the automobile industry and public protection and disaster relief sector, have diverse needs. Therefore, various levels of support would be needed for the transformation of their applications and services from ideas to prototypes and finally to products. Services in different verticals have an increasing need to exchange data, particularly mobility services. To facilitate this process and foster rapid development and testing of new and innovative NetApps built using the 5G NFV-based reference architecture, the EU-funded 5GASP project will introduce a fully automated and self-service experimentation and certification platform for SMEs.


As 5G approaches a very high maturity level, the testing and validation of the innovations achieved in 5G by integrators and verticals service providers has become of utmost importance. Verticals have very different needs, such as the case of the Automotive industry and Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR). This will therefore require different levels of support in taking their applications and services from concepts, to prototypes and finally to products. However, it is also more and more frequent that services in different verticals need to exchange data, particularly mobility services such as those found in connected automobiles and PPDR.
5GASP aims at shortening the idea-to-market process through the creation of a European testbed for SMEs that is fully automated and self-service, in order to foster rapid development and testing of new and innovative NetApps built using the 5G NFV based reference architecture. Building on top of existing physical infrastructures, 5GASP intends to focus on innovations related to the operation of experiments and tests across several domains, providing software support tools for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) of VNFs in a secure & trusted environment for European SMEs capitalizing in the 5G market. 5GASP targets the creation of an Open Source Software (OSS) repository and of a VNF marketplace targeting SMEs with OSS examples and building blocks, as well as the incubation of a community of NetApp developers assisted with tools and services that can enable an early validation and/or certification of products and services for 5G. We focus on inter-domain use-cases, development of operational tools and procedures (supporting day-to-day testing and validation activities) and security/trust of 3rd party IPR running in our testbeds.

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