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5G ExPerimentation Infrastructure hosting Cloud-nativE Netapps for public proTection and disaster RElief


Experimentation requirements and architecture specification preliminary version

D1.3 will gather together results from T1.2 and T1.3, defining: i) the 5G-EPICENTRE experimentation facilities’ requirements resulting from a co-design methodology; and ii) the technical and architectural formal specification of the 5G-EPICENTRE platform, describing the overall system components along with their interfaces. A common VNF architecture along with its specifications will also be described as a reference for VNF developers (T5.2). It will include input from D8.3 (legal requirements) as proof of the security-, and privacy-by-design approaches to be implemented in the platform design. This deliverable will be updated based on the developments of WP2 through WP5, the ethical assessment in WP7, and the initial validation of the 5G-EPICENTRE platform in M24(D1.4).

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