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Photonic Accurate and Portable Sensor Systems Exploiting Photo-Acoustic and Photo-Thermal Based Spectroscopy for Real-Time Outdoor Air Pollution Monitoring


D15.1 Project website launched

The initial version of the project website will go live to the public Website development will be led by CIT with input from all partners

D15.3 PASSEPARTOUT branding and promotional material

Branding and promotional material for PASSEPARTOUT including logos templates for documents leafletsflyers etc available for promotion of the project

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Recommender systems under European AI regulations

Author(s): T. Di Noia, N. Tintarev, P. Fatourou, and M. Schedl
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Threshold fluence and incubation during multi-pulse ultrafast laser ablation of quartz

Author(s): Raffaele De Palo; Annalisa Volpe; Caterina Gaudiuso; Pietro Patimisco; Vincenzo Spagnolo; Antonio Ancona
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Fused optical fiber combiner based on indium fluoride glass: perspectives for mid-IR applications

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Mid-infrared microring resonators and optical waveguides on an InP platform

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Multi-gas quartz-enhanced photoacoustic sensor for environmental monitoring exploiting a Vernier effect-based quantum cascade laser

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Measurement of methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia in atmosphere with a compact quartz-enhanced photoacoustic sensor

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Influence of Air Pressure on the Resonance Properties of a T-Shaped Quartz Tuning Fork Coupled with Resonator Tubes

Author(s): Mariagrazia Olivieri; Andrea Zifarelli; Giansergio Menduni; Michele Di Gioia; Cristoforo Marzocca; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Angelo Sampaolo; Marilena Giglio; Vincenzo Spagnolo; Pietro Patimisco
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Compact and portable quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy sensor for carbon monoxide environmental monitoring in urban areas

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Waveguide based passively demodulated photothermal interferometer for light absorption measurements of trace substances

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