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Unravelling the effect of divergent concentrations of progesterone in early pregnancy on foetal development in the cow


Transfer of bovine embryos into a uterus primed with high progesterone concentrations positively impacts fetal development at 42 days of gestation.

Author(s): Maria Belen Rabaglino, Jose María Sanchez, Michael McDonald, Mark A. Crowe, Elena O'Callaghan, Pat Lonergan
Published in: Theriogenology, Issue Volume 200, 1 April 2023, 2023, Page(s) Pages 25-32, ISSN 0093-691X
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.theriogenology.2023.01.020

Maternal blood transcriptome as a sensor of fetal organ maturation at the end of organogenesis in cattle

Author(s): Maria Belen Rabaglino, José María Sánchez, Michael McDonald, Elena O'Callaghan, Pat Lonergan
Published in: Biology of Reproduction, 2023, ISSN 0006-3363
Publisher: Society for the Study of Reproduction
DOI: 10.1093/biolre/ioad103

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