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Plasmon-Driven Catalysis on Bimetallic Nanostructures: Au-Pd for the Selective Oxygenation of Hydrocarbons


In PLACABIN, the candidate proposes a novel mode of plasmonic-nonplasmonic bimetallic photocatalysts based on the intermetallic effects between the plasmonic metal and catalytic metal. As a specific model, Au-Pd bimetallic nanostructures will be developed for the selective oxygenation of hydrocarbons, among which methane, cyclohexane, and toluene are adopted as the substrates. He will first syntheses Au-Pd bimetallic nanostructures and clarify their structure-activity relationship (WP1). Then he will make major effects to reveal the intermetallic effects between Au and Pd which contain optical and electronic coupling (WP2) and the plasmon-driven selective mechanism (WP3) through combined computational and experimental methods on both ensemble and single-particle levels. Based on these theoretical achievements, he will develop a designing principle guiding the construction of effective Au-Pd bimetallic nanostructures for plasmon-driven catalysis, which will be smoothly extended to other plasmonic-nonplasmonic bimetallic nanostructures. He will also develop a flow photochemical selective catalysis system based on Au-Pd bimetallic photocatalysts (WP4) to provide an application paradigm of this solar-driven procedure for selective oxidation reactions.
The candidate is an excellent researcher with the motivation and capability to conduct cutting-edge research, the skills to share and manage knowledge and supervise students. PLACABIN will generate high-impact publications guaranteeing the dissemination among academia. The well-organised outreach activities will help to communicate the results to a wider audience.
The implementation of this fellowship will contribute significantly to the professional development of the candidate to become a mature and independent researcher. It will strengthen his innovative research potential and his management and outreach skills, thus placing him in a leading position in his long-term research career.

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MSCA-IF-EF-ST - Standard EF


Newport Road 30-36
CF24 ODE Cardiff
United Kingdom
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 224 933,76