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International cooperation for selective conversion of CO2 into METHAnol under SOLar light


Guidelines for sustainability of developments

A green chemistrybased guideline which can be used for the choice of materials

Elucidation of interregional barriers

The EUChina cooperation potential barriers will be investigated through consortium discussions Attention will be paid to cultural language organisational structure political and societal differences legal aspect on the use of materials for photocatalysis of methanol as a fuel etc

Agenda for intercontinental researcher mobility

This report will be the result of an executive meeting organsied between T71 partners to fix the details of students exchange senior researcher visits for talks and seminars and at least 2 joint conferences one in EU one in PRC for teambuilding and finalization of the projectThroughout COVID digital and hybrid formats will be applied until international traffic is reestablished

Project website available in English

The website will contain specific sections that will all be available in all the project languages including Mandarin A proposal of structure and content will be delivered by EQY for comments and validation The structure of the site may consist in the following tabs Home Project Overview Introduction Project Objectives Partners Project progress Access to public deliverables and peerreviewed articles News and events Private collaborative space A hosting plan will be purchased for 6 years ensuring the sustainability of the platform after the project life A domain name will be booked wwwMETHASOLeu if still available The collaborative space will be accessible by partners and will allow communication and sharing of documents Grant Agreement Consortium Agreement Financial and administrative templates etc Statistics notes will be produced to analyse the number of visitors of clicks per sections etc

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