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Capacity building for cities and regions - from learning to action!


Guidance notes for mentors

a short guidebook for mentors to provide guidance how they can discuss the financial maturity of the project ideas with the mentees during the physical meetings

Detailed structure and plan for the CBP

Creating an Action plan will be a high upgrade of the existing thorough learning plan available on this link14 and it will include all the new tools and capacities that should be covered through the learning steps This is the main document describing each learning group their individual objectives and it will have summaries of each of the learning steps and progress towards the end of their learning All materials and information needed for other WPs tools and actions should be collected through this plan unless it is an online generated survey including a Information needed for the project readiness assessment tool T54 b Information needed for replication materials and toolsgood practice T61 and c Annexes with all templates and guidelines that mentors could use

Report on monitoring guidelines for the success of the CBP

Ontime communication and resultsharing among project beneficiaries will be done through continuous support to mentors with the emphasize on catching the week chains of the teaching programme eg measures not replicable or unsuitable partners matched as well as ensuring that all novelties and project conclusions are transferred to next cycle

Communication toolkit

An updated visual identity website leaflet poster

Report on adapted content for handbooks: public buildings, private buildings, public lighting, transport, and cross-sectoral

Updating PROSPECT handbooks The 5 handbooks for each thematic area figure 6 will be updated to include new cases and current findings about the implementation of innovative financing schemes from both regional and local levels in Europe During Months 1 and 2 FEDARENE will conduct desk research and interviews for mapping and documenting new cases on the implementation of successful innovative financing schemes for sustainable energy projects related to the five thematic areas In Month 36 these new cases will be organised by IEECP to make them ready to be published on a dedicated webpage of PROSPECT by UPRC in Month 6 In Months 3 and 4 IEECP will edit PROSPECT handbooks in order to remove information about outdated cases and examples and to include a link to the PROSPECT webpage with the new cases The handbooks content about the financing schemes will be revised and desk study will be carried out for the inclusion of relevant information that might be lacking PROSPECT infographics that summarise key information and steps for setting up the financing schemes will also be revised and if necessary updated with new information PROSPECT will disseminate and make use of the content developed by the projects below for the following topics but not limited to these topics and projects MV measures synergies with the EnergeeWatcheu project Air quality synergies with EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK and Green City Accord and the Energy Efficiency First principle by connecting to project ENEFIRSTeu

Guidance notes for facilitators

Facilitators in some cases the mentors will take a combined role will have briefing materials and use a checklist to make sure that each group gets the same kind of support The existing PROSPECT checklists will be enhanced to include all learning areas that P CBP covers and not only the innovative financing aspect

Practical guide for applicants

Prior to the first engagement campaign and in order to attract mentees we will provide some guidelines to applicants so that cities and regions get all the information needed about the capacitybuilding programme A practical guide for applicants will be developed gathering all useful information about PROSPECT and the engagement process overall ambition and objectives expected profile of participants eligibility criteria selection process expected commitment from participants and PROSPECT

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