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Comprehensive Climate Modeling of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Project description

Shedding light on the origin of change in glacial–interglacial pacing

The recent geological past is characterised by the cyclic growth and decay of large continental ice sheets in the northern hemisphere driven by changes in incoming solar radiation associated with the earth’s orbital configuration. The EU-funded CliMoTran project will explain this unique climate transition. To enable fully dynamical simulations of glacial–interglacial cycles, a readily available vertical integrated ice sheet model will be coupled to the Bern3D Earth System model. Newly compiled palaeoclimatic reconstructions will provide important data on past climates that can be compared to an array of tracers implemented in the Bern3D model. CliMoTran will uncover the complex processes responsible for the slowdown of ice age cycles, helping scientists understand the driving processes of climate change and improve predictions of future climate caused by accelerated anthropogenic carbon emissions.


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