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Stretchable Transparent Microsupercapacitor from Nanodiamond Decorated Laser-Induced Graphene: Design and Demonstrator

Project description

Flexible supercapacitors for wearable devices

Supercapacitors powering wearable and stretchable health-monitoring and diagnostic devices need to be able to bend, twist and compress. A new electrode design based on flexible laser-induced graphene fibres holds great promise for boosting the performance of electrochemical energy storage devices, such as microsupercapacitors. Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the Microsupercapacitor project deems that on site bonding between the flexible porous graphene networks and nanocrystalline diamond through a single-step lasing process could boost the development of flexible wearable electronics devices. The project proposes a simple method to synthesise hybrid carbon nanostructures, where the porous network of sp2-type carbon atoms will host conductive nanodiamonds. The carbon will then be transferred to a transparent and stretchable silicone rubber substrate to obtain planar microsupercapacitors.


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