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Reversibly cross-linkable lignin-based membranes for carbon dioxide capture


LigMem action will purposely enhance the Fellow’s expertise in the field of biopolymer synthesis through an experimental research project to develop “Reversibly cross-linkable Lignin-based Membranes for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture”. Within the project framework commercially available lignin will undergo functionalisation with CO2-philic groups and reversibly cross-linkable moieties. LigMem will potentially encourage the transition from fossil fuel to plant-derived polymer precursors and facilitate the diversification of the membrane market. Importantly, the reversible cross-linking between polymer chains will minimise the disposable membrane waste by facilitating membrane recycling.
The experienced researcher (ER) will be extensively trained in the multidisciplinary field of cutting-edge polymer science, membrane technology, and industrial application of biopolymers and gas separation membranes. The Fellow will acquire exquisite experience at the host department of Biobased Materials at the University of Maastricht (NE), as well as at academic and industrial partners: the University of Twente (NE), the Institute on Membrane Technology (IT), and Evonik Fibres GmbH (AT). After successfully completing this action, the ER will re-enforce her professional maturity and complement the European research network with her expertise in industrially relevant interdisciplinary field of biopolymer applications.
The results generated by LigMem project will support the EU stride towards the diversification of the raw materials consumption and to provide sustainable alternatives for various technology markets. The synthesised biopolymers will offer new perspectives both in membrane applications and in broader polymer film and coating industries. Importantly, the LigMem action will establish a close collaboration between the involved partners from the Netherlands, Italy and Austria to further excel the EU scientific prowess.

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Minderbroedersberg 4
6200 MD Maastricht
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 187 572,48