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Deciphering tumor-promoting mechanisms mediated by neutrophils in vivo

Project description

Activating neutrophils against cancer

Activation of the immune system to fight cancer is a promising approach, but clinical efficacy has been limited. Current immunotherapy efforts focus mainly on T lymphocytes. The EU-funded CINPinCB project proposes neutrophils as an alternative cell therapeutic target as they are abundant in the tumour microenvironment. To investigate the complexity and heterogeneity of tumour-associated neutrophils, researchers propose to develop conditionally immortalised neutrophil progenitors as a cell source for experimental studies. The aim is to decipher the mechanisms that control the functions of these cells and generate new targets for immunotherapy.

Call for proposal

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Rue Du General Dufour 24
1211 Geneve
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 203 149,44