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High-temperature angular-selective radiant surfaces for the de-carbonisation of energy intensive industries.

Project description

Innovative decarbonisation method for energy-intensive industries

As energy-intensive industries depend heavily on hard-to-decarbonise high temperature processes (HTP), Europe needs to increase the share of dispatchable renewable electricity on the grid as well as the HTP efficiency and electrification, in particular through electric heating. At high temperatures, radiation is the main heat transfer mode. However, a lack of radiative control restricts the energy efficiency and electrification potential of HTP. The EU funded HEASeRS project will explore an innovative method to spectro-angular radiation control. This method is based on the modification of the surface geometry of industrially relevant high-temperature materials at multiple length levels, is generally applicable to all HTP and free of most of the restrictions of current design paradigms.


Fundacion IMDEA Energia
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