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Rhizosphere engineering: influence on signaling behavior and colonization under drought conditions

Project description

Impact of drought on plant–microbe interactions in wheat

The development of sustainable crops requires greater knowledge of plant–microbe interactions within the rhizosphere and their response to water stress. The EU-funded RhizoEng project will use a multidisciplinary approach to decode the root-signalling behaviour, microbial assemblage and subsequent drought tolerance in wheat. Experiments will be conducted to identify different root-signalling behaviour under drought conditions in natural soil and shed light on the microbiota and counter-responses in the rhizosphere. The results will be integrated to create a "rhizosphere engineering" strategy for improved microbial assemblage and drought tolerance in wheat. Hence, the project will significantly increase our understanding of plant–microbe crosstalk under drought conditions in natural soil environments and support the emerging field of microbe-aided drought smart cultivation.


Net EU contribution
€ 207 312,00
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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