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Redox Polymer with synergetic electrical and ionic conducting properties for all-Organic Batteries. [RPOB]


Designing safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly energy storage technology is of great importance for the sustainable development of our modern society. All-organic batteries have been identified as a promising, environmentally friendly alternative to the current Li-ion battery technology. However, all-organic batteries suffer several challenges, currently limiting their implementation: i) fast capacity fading due to dissolution of redox polymer in the liquid electrolyte and ii) low redox polymer loading, leading to impractical electrode loading for battery applications. RPOB proposal aims to develop redox block copolymers with synergetic properties, allowing both electronic and ionic conductivities as well as redox activity, for application in solid-state all-organic batteries. This approach will enable the design of a single component redox polymer electrode with a well-defined 3D-interconnected network, unlocking the electrode capacity to a practical level. The translation towards solid-state all-organic batteries will also eliminate the current issue related to the dissolution of redox polymers. The MSCA Fellowship will provide Dr. Goujon with a strong set of technical, professional and transferable skills, especially with the acquisition of valuable polymer synthesis, which will complete his practical expertise in solid-state battery technology. The Innovative Polymers Group directed by Prof. Mecerreyes at POLYMAT-University of the Basque Country is one of the top-class groups in the area of redox polymers. The multidisciplinary aspect of the RPOB project, along with the secondment to the group of Prof. Steiner at Adolphe Merkle Institute, will ensure that Dr. Goujon has the necessary competencies, trackrecord and scientific network required to make the RPOB project a success, and ultimately reach his career goal of becoming an independent researcher in either a leading university or a R&D batteries company, and securing his European reintegration.

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Barrio Sarriena S N
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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