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HIgh-speed FIbre-based BRILLouIn ANalyzer for endosCopY

Project description

A new era in endoscopy

Biomedical imaging is a rapidly growing field that aims to visualise internal structures and organs for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Conventional endoscopy uses a flexible tube with a light and camera to observe internal organs such as the stomach. The EU-funded HiFi Brilliancy project aims to develop new technologies for real-time in vivo Brillouin imaging that can be incorporated in endoscopy. Brillouin imaging is based on the phenomenon of Brillouin light scattering and allows the visualisation of small biological objects such as cells, membranes and tissue components. The project technologies have the potential to be commercialised in medical diagnostic equipment.


Net EU contribution
€ 202 680,96
Pentti Kaiteran Katu 1
90014 Oulu

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Manner-Suomi Pohjois- ja Itä-Suomi Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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